Is Your System's Health Being Compromised By Your Current Inverter?
  • Expiring warranty
  • Decreasing efficiency
  • Additional equipment needed for integrated options
  • Equipment is failing more frequently
  • Increase in service wait times
Yaskawa - Solectria Solar Offers a Simple Solution for Replacing Failing or Out-of-Warranty Products
  • Simple, quick and easy swap out
  • Extensive options to match current configuration and improve where desired
  • Warranty backed by Yaskawa ($4B, 100 year-old company with long-term commitment to PV industry)
  • Products are NEC compliant
  • PV inverters in most cases have higher efficiency, which lead to increased production revenue
  • Lower cost of ownership leads to increased ROI

Have an inverter in need of replacement?

Use the charts below to find the Yaskawa - Solectria Solar solution for your system.

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Inverter Model Compatibility for Replacement
PVI 50KW PVI 100KW SGI 225 SGI 250 SGI 300 SGI 500 SGI 500XT SGI 750XTM
PVI-Central-50 PVI-Central-100   PVI-Central-250 PVI-Central-300  
AE 50TX (PVP 50) AE 100TX (PVP 100) AE 250NX (Solaron 250) AE 333NX (Solaron 333)
AE 500NX (Solaron 500)
AE 500TX
AE 500TX
AE 1000NX
AE 1100NX
PowerGate Plus 50kW PowerGate Plus 100kW PowerGate Plus 250kW PowerGate Plus 375kW PowerGate Plus 500kW Equinox 500kW Equinox 750kW
  Xantrex GT100 Xantrex PV225S Xantrex GT250  
  Sinvert 500 M TL  
  SMA 250U SMA 500U  

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3-Phase Central Inverters 50-750kW
Absolute Max DC Input Voltage 600 VDC 1000 VDC
Continuous AC Output Power 50kW 60kW 75kW 85kW 100kW 225kW 250kW 266kW 300kW 500kW 500kW 500kW 750kW
Native AC Output Voltage 208, 240, 480, 600 VAC 480 VAC 208 VAC 380 VAC
Yaskawa - Solectria Solar's Solution PVI 50/60/75/85/100KW SGI 225/250/266/300/500 SGI 500XT SGI 500/750XTM
Additional Documentation Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet
Manual Manual Manual Manual

Yaskawa - Solectria Solar Inverters are the Most Reliable Choice for Your Replacement

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